A chain free future

wild herdImagine a future where no working elephants are chained; where they are free to move around, find food, shade and water as they need and are immersed in their natural forest habitat.   This is all possible thanks to the pioneering concept of building corrals for captive elephants.   The aim is that each elephant has around 1 acre of habitat enclosed by a solar powered electric fence that is harmless to the elephant.   Elephants in these corrals never need to be chained.  This project is already successfully under way in Nepal and Thailand and the results so far have been fantastic.

Far Frontiers and Pukka Projects have a long history of running projects and treks in Nepal.  We love the country, the people we work with and the wildlife we are fortunate enough to see.  For this reason we are committed to helping in any way we can to make Nepal a chain-free elephant country.

We intend to facilitate the building of corrals to free Nepal’s elephants from chains.  We also recognise that the best way to ensure the change is effective and long lasting is to support the education and training of the mahouts (the men who care for the captive elephants).

Our first corral build was unfortunately halted as a result of the recent earthquakes.  We are dedicated to finding a way to pursue this project and will report back as soon as we have any updates.

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