About us

The folks at Pukka Projects are all pretty well travelled, and if there is one thing that we want to ensure it is that future travellers can have the same opportunities to explore some of the most fantastic places that this planet has to offer.

Having carefully considered things (which involved a lot of head scratching and pensive looks), we decided that the best thing to do was to try and encourage travellers to put a little bit back. But…we didn’t want this to be done by impartial spectators in big fancy offices! Instead we are all about getting well and truly stuck in. By rolling up our sleeves we can all work together to ensure that some of the most incredible places on the planet will still be there for generations to come.

But how, I hear you cry, is this going to help?!

The thing is, we honestly believe that by working alongside communities around the world, every person has the chance to make a little bit of difference. Add that all together and, voila, you end up with a huge amount of difference! So, from digging in fresh water pipes for a Nepalese school, to counting hatching Leatherback turtles in Costa Rica, the possibilities are endless. We can guarantee that as soon as you start to really experience a culture you stop being an observer and start being a preserver.

We are firm believers that travel really does broaden the mind, but we hope that a Pukka Project will transform your mindset for life. We want everyone to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in, so get involved today!

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