The Far Frontiers Expeditions Link

Pukka Projects and Far Frontiers Expeditions (FFE) go together like rhubarb and custard (very well, in case you were wondering!). FFE set up The Pukka Projects Trust in 2011 in order to offer sustainable and far-reaching support within the countries it travels to. We have created the perfect combined team, with FFE bringing their extensive travel knowledge to the table, whilst we bring our charitable ambitions (and usually a cup of tea).

The Pukka Projects Trust works independently of FFE but the great thing about teaming up is that FFE understands the need for us to run our charity with as few overheads as possible. This means that they very kindly buy our paper clips and teabags and suchlike, so that we can ensure every penny intended for a Pukka Project goes towards a Pukka Project. FFE has a wealth of worldly knowledge about almost every country,  so by working alongside FFE we can access all of their specialist country know-how in order to make sure that every Pukka Project is perfect. In return, FFE get that warm fuzzy feeling which comes from doing something really great.


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