Borneo is a beautiful country that has always struggled to balance human lifestyles with the preservation of its rainforests and wildlife.

Here, with our support, local communities within the ‘Corridor of Life’ are allowing wildlife to thrive in their preserved natural habitat by protecting the jungle. By choosing this way of life the villagers sacrifice money from the palm oil companies, and therefore they really benefit from any assistance we can give. We can help to support villages through our worthwhile and sustainable community projects and in doing so know that we are also helping to protect the whole valuable eco-system.


Previous volunteers have described their experience within the native communities of Borneo as ‘excellent’, and ‘an experience I will never forget’. During our time there, there is also the opportunity to see a magnificent wealth of amazing wildlife, from flying squirrels to orang-utans, monkeys to crocodiles. The local families are so friendly and so grateful, and often a hard-working day is topped off with an impromptu game of football with the locals.


In the past we have provided water tanks and facilities for the poorer households as well as taking time to experience the lifestyles of the local families of the villages. It is important that they feel valued and understand the worth of the environment in which they live in order for them to give it the respect it needs to flourish. By spending time with them and helping to improve their lifestyles, they start to see the value of their native area extends far beyond what the palm oil companies may offer them. We also help to replant indigenous tree species in order to encourage the regrowth of the rainforest.

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