Charter for Care of Working Mules


We have written comprehensive guidelines to be used by all our Moroccan ground partners detailing the standard of care we expect working mules to receive.

The Charter covers all aspects relating to care of the mule, including feeding, rest, encouraging natural behaviours and care of equipment.

We will support the ground partners and muleteers to ensure that the standards laid out in our Charter for Care can be met.

If you are going trekking and would like to ensure the mules carrying your kit are being well looked after, please contact us for more information regarding what to look for.

Our Priorities:

  • A head collar is used for all mules when being led; if a bit is necessary then it must be a SPANA approved one.
  • Tethering must be minimised and only humane tethers to be used, such as those made by the women’s cooperative.
  • Loads must meet not exceed our regulations.
  • Muleteers must never ride loaded mules.

But that is not enough.  We are leading the charge for change within the industry.  Our Charter for Care of Working Mules is being taken on by other leading British and German trekking companies and Moroccan tour agencies. 

We are uniting in our efforts to help improve the lives of the mules that allow us to work and play in the mountains.


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