What have we achieved so far?

We are committed to a long term project with the mules of Morocco.   We know there may be a long road ahead and a lot of hard work until we see all the results we want.  But let’s for now celebrate our successes so far!

We have distributed many humane tethers and head collars to many muleteers, plus…

October 2014.  Student Mule Welfare Workshop

A group of students trekking with Far Frontiers Expeditions took part in a weekend Mule Welfare Workshop, learning about the experience and challenges of both the mules and people of the mountain communities.  They worked with the local women’s cooperative to make humane tethers and distributed them to local muleteers.  In addition they took part in the health check and ultimate retirement of Betty the mule.

November 2014.  Expedition Providers Working Mule Care Initiative Workshop

We hosted a Working Mule Care Initiative Workshop for members of the Expedition Providers Association (EPA).  This was run by Glen Cousquer; qualified vet, BAIML president and all round mule expert.   In this workshop members agreed to raise the profile of problems faced by pack mules by putting information into their presentations to schools, using a mule care checklist and supporting a further workshop for their Moroccan ground partners.

March 2015. Ground Handlers Working Mule Care Initiative Workshop

We hosted a Working Mule Care Initiative Workshop for the ground partners in Morocco.  This was attended by ground partners representing several different expedition providers.

On the second day more than 20 muleteers and 2 mule chiefs representing 60-70 muleteers each attended and agreed to support the initiative.

May 2015.  Charter for Care of Working Mules .

We wrote the Charter for Care and distributed it to all EPA members and affiliated ground handlers so that change can be made before the summer expedition season.  We followed it with a Leaders Handbook, which provides expedition leaders with all the information they need to join the effort to improve the welfare of the mules working on their expeditions.

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